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The artist behind these masterpieces, Sam Hennawy, is the founder who started creating sophisticated jewelry items since 1995. The passion for jewelry runs in the blood of our team and we work on reflecting that in our designs. Our aim at Elite Jewelers is to secure lifetime customers through our unique, fancy yet affordable products, along with our impressive customer service.

Our jewelry is made of the highest quality metals and natural stones. We enjoy what we do and we hope you find what you are looking for while exploring Elite Jewelers collections.

Where Quality Diamonds Are Affordable

We aim at Elite Jewelers to provide our customers with a memorable experience that will make them a part of our family. We believe in the power of quality so we use high-quality GIA diamonds, natural /precious stones, and pearls along with the finest Gold, Silver, and Platinum to create glamourous necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings.

After all, this is Where Quality Diamonds are Affordable.

With many convenient locations, our customers are treated with the highest level of kindness and respect. Elite Jewelers is the place where impressive teamwork makes the dream come true. Our artists craft the most unique, fancy, and desirable jewelry pieces made of the highest quality materials and at affordable prices. We want to exceed our customers’ expectations of our products, services, and prices.

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