Jewelry Care Plan

What's included?

The following is a list provided of potential issues covered by this warranty:
• Free Cleaning
• Replacing Side Stones
• Buffing, Polishing and Refurbishing
• Ring Sizing
• Rhodium Plating
• Soldering
• Tightening Stones
• Re-tipping Prongs
• Resetting Stones (if in your possession)
• Restringing Pearls

***This warranty does NOT include replacing the center stone of any piece. We can, however, write an appraisal in the event that the stone is lost or stolen.***

Upgrade Policy

You may upgrade any diamond piece at any time after purchase, so long as the original piece is purchased from any Elite Jewelers location. Any diamond piece is eligible for an upgrade, so long as the upgrade is more than the original purchase price (usually double what was paid in the original purchase).

Lifetime Guarantee

We will replace any diamond, gemstone or pearl covered by this warranty if any problem occurs during normal wear (i.e. if it chips, breaks or is lost from original setting). In addition, all necessary repairs MUST be completed by our representatives. 


Inspections Dates

Month of Purchase / Months of Inspection

January / January & July
February / February & August
March / March & September
April / April & October
May / May & November
June / June & December
July / July & January
August / August & February
September / September & March
October / October & April
November / November & May
December / December & June